This book features 50 lochs, both inland and sea. They are generally the larger ones but not so large that they become open coastline. They are accessible by public road without the need for long carries to get on and off the water.

They do not include lochs which require commando techniques to access. Neither do they include the less interesting ones used for water storage which leave wide bands of dead grey rock along the shoreline for much of the year when drawn down.

Size 220 x 190mm

208 pages

340 photographs

51 maps

Soft cover

978 1 4729 8293 3

1st edition 2022

Price £18.99

Also in ePUB and PDF eBook formats, £17.09

‘From spectacular coast to mountain nooks, this inspiring book showcases 50 of the most interesting lochs that frame the landscape of Scotland... it’s packed with maps and information on local facilities, and is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to know more about these iconic locations.’

- Countryside

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